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We can help with;

-Purchasing a new home

-First home owners grant

-Refinancing & debt consolidation

-Property investing

-Home loan comparison's

Any other finances questions answered!

Most times we are able to restructure your home loan in a more suitable way so that you can save money and time to help you achieve your desired financial goals.

Even if you do not want to change banks, We may be able to negotiate a better deal with your current bank for you.

At your first appointment we will;
​- Understand your lifestyle and financial goals
- Calculate your borrowing power and how much you can afford to repay
- Compare hundreds of home loan deals to find the right one for you
- Explain any fees, costs and conditions associated with home loans

- Answer any questions you have about home loans​​​​

The Reserve bank of Australia meets every month to decide whether or not to put interest rates up, down or keep them on hold. 
As you might be aware interest rates are currently at an historic all time low and many experts believe they will be coming down even further in 2016. 
Right now, it has never been more important to know the outcome of this monthly meeting so you know if your bank is passing on the interest rate cuts to you.

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Why Choose Us

Our processes and customer service are amongst the best and we believe in keeping this service free for our clients now and in the future as we are paid by the banks for working on your behalf in setting up the loan. 

We have access to a huge range of home loans and many different banks, including the majors like CBA , Westpac and a wide range of smaller lenders too. This way we can conduct a fair search and provide a diverse product comparison.

United Lending Group - 125a Mentone Parade Mentone VIC 3194 - 03 8524 4410 - info@unitedlending.com.au
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United Lending Group highly value integrity in business. We operate with the highest standards in the Australian home loans industry.

Our Vision

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Making finance & home loans simple


Our vision is to lead the way in ethical standards through business and also through our service to you. This way you know that the advice you receive from us is honest and trustworthy.

We are always thinking of others first and have a genuine intent to help people succeed.

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